Lesson 3: Learn to write Japanese symbols

Kanji express meaning,
do not express sounds.

Kanji do not express sounds. They express meaning.
Kanji take the form of outlines.
The meaning is understood from this form.

Woman's Japanese symbol in Japan

If the outline for woman is found at the entrance to a restroom,
it's a woman's restroom.


Example of kanji symbols

Roman letters express sounds.
When you see the word "child", you know what the pronunciation is,
but now what it means. Now, let's look at the Child kanji symbol.

child kanji symbol

The top is head. The arms are spread out.
The bottom is the body. The meanig of the kanji,child kanji symbol ko, is "child" because it shows the outline of a child.

The word child is written in roman letters can be divided into Ch-i-ld. Each division represents a unit of pronuncitoin.

Look at the following kanji symbols:

kanji symbols of child used

Ko child kanji symbol appears in many kanji symbols.
It is a basic unit of meaning in kanji.



Watch the Japanese video lessons to learn Kanji!

Now, please watch the following vide lesson and look at the kanji lern kanji symbol, and learn the outline and its meaning for each basic unit in kanji.

Look at the outline of the kanji lern kanji symbol.

A child is wearing a cap. The cap has a decoration.
The decoration on the cap is a school logo.
The child is going to school, wearing the cap.

The kanji lern kanji symbol means to "to Study" in Japanese



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