Lesson 2: learn to speak spoken Japanese language fast

How to Say What is That
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In Today's Japanese spoken language lesson, you will learn:
What is that?.

How to say "What is that?" in Japanese

Imaginze if you travel to Japan, catch the taxi and want to tell the place you want to go.
How do you have the conversation like that situation?

Today, I will teach you how to say that in Japanese.



First of all, study these words and clealy pronouce them aloud.
Then, proceed to the dialogue.

Japanese Pronunciation English
どこ doko Where
まで made to
あれ are that(one)
nani what
東京駅 tokyo eiki Tokyo station
東京 tokyo Tokyo
eki station
歌舞伎座 Kabuki-za the Kabuki theater
歌舞伎 Kabuki the Kabuki
建物 tatemono building
あなた anata you
watashi I
アメリカ人 Ameria-jin American
jin person
kata person(polite way)
アメリカ人の方 Ameria-jin-no-kata person of American
はい hai Yes



Study the diaglogue below.
Practice until you no longer need to refer to the Japanese half.

Car Driver: どこまで(ですか?) - doko made desuka?
where (are you going) to?
You as tourist: 東京駅まで(です) - Tokyo eki made (desu)
To Tokyo station
Car Driver: あなたはアメリカの方ですか?
- Anata wa Amerika no kata desu ka?

Are you an American?
You as tourist: はい、そうです -hai, soudesu
Yes, I am
You as tourist: あれは何ですか? - are wa nan desuka?
What is tha?
Car Driver:

- ano tatemono desuka?

That building?

- are wa kabukiza desu
That is the Kabuki theather.


Now, Watch the following Japanese Video lesson and learn how to speak Japanese when you want to say "What is that?"

This is the Takanori Tomtia is explaining today's Japanese language lessons.


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