Lesson 2: learn to speak spoken Japanese language fast

Learn how to speak Japanese:
Today's lesson is how to say
"What time is the next bullet train?"

First of all, study the following words and clearly pronouce them aloud by watching the Takanori Tomita's Japanese video lesson. Then proceed to the dialogue.

Today's Japanese Vocabulary to remember

First of all, study these words and clealy pronouce them aloud.
Then, proceed to the dialogue.

Japanese words Pronunciation English
新幹線 shin kan sen Bullet Train
電車 den sha Train
何時 naji-ji what time
何番線 nan ban sen what track


Japanese Numbers from 10 to 100

Numbers form 10 to 100 are formed by combining two numbers.
To make 11, combine 10 and 1 Japanese kanji symbol,
to make 20, combine 2 and 10 Japanese kanji symbol.

Study these basic numbers too, and clealy pronouce them aloud.



十一 11
二十四 24
三十七 37
四十九 49


Dialogue to listen the Japanese conversation

Study the diaglogue below.
Practice until you no longer need to refer to the Japanese half.


- shin kan sen wa koko desuka
Is this where you wacth the bullet trian?

Man はい、ここですよ - hai koko desuyo
Yes, it is.
Tourist: 東京行きは何時ですか?
- Tokyo iki wa nan ji desuka?

What time is the train for Tokyo?
Man 次の電車は十一時です
-tugi no densha wa jyu ichi ji desu

The next train is at 11:00/
Tourist: 何番線ですか?
- nan ban sen desuka?

What track is it?

- jyu go ban sen desu

It's track no.15

Tourist: どうもありがとう 
- dou mo ari ga tou

Thank you very much

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